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'''Charlton Comics''' was an United States|American comic book publishing company that existed from 1945 to 1986, having begun under a different name ('''T.W.O. Charles Company''') in 1944. It was based in Derby, Connecticut|Derby, Connecticut. The comic-book line was a division of '''Charlton Publications''', which published magazines (most notably song-lyric magazines), puzzle books and, briefly, books (under the '''Monarch''' and '''Gold Star''' imprints). It had its own distribution company ('''Capital Distribution'''). Charlton Comics published a wide variety of genres, including crime fiction|crime, science fiction, Western (genre)|Western, horror (genre)|horror, War comics|war and romance comics, as well as funny animal and superhero titles. The company was known for its low-budget practices, often using unpublished material acquired from defunct companies and paying comics creators...
LogoImage:Charlton Comics logo.png|"Big C" logo, used from Sept. 1967 to Sept. 1973|100px
TypeList of comic book publishing companies|Comic publisher
Company slogan| foundation = 1945 in comics|1945
Defunct1986 in comics|1986
FounderJohn Santangelo, Sr.
Ed Levy
Key peopleAl Fago
Pat Masulli
George Wildman
LocationDerby, Connecticut|Derby, Connecticut
OwnerCharlton Publications
DivisionsFrank Comunale Publications
Children Comics Publishing
Frank Publications
Modern Comics
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